ENGINE Detailing Services

Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your vehicles. It may even be the reason you bought the vehicle to begin with.

There are several reasons why detailing your engine is essential. The most important reason is for preventative maintenance. Often times your engine compartment collects debris such as leaves, sand, pine needles and dirt causing the drain holes to clog. This makes it more likely that your vehicle may develop a water leak over time. Additionally, engine oil attracts dust that can clog your air filter over time. A clean engine is a better running engine. You may also have an oil leak and if your engine is professionally detailed, it will make it easier for your mechanic to find and repair any leaks.

Another very important reason to have your engine cleaned and regularly maintained is the fact that rodents like to live inside your vehicle, especially during the colder weather. Rats and mice have been known to crawl inside your engine compartment from underneath the car and build nests, chew on wire bundles, fan belts and insulation or defecate while inside. This may cause an awful smell that filters through your air vents. If you notice any of this happening, we recommend scheduling an engine detail immediately before any more damage happens to your vehicle’s engine.

RECOMMENDED: DEGREASE your engine EVERY 3 – 4 MONTHS and perform a thorough engine DETAIL at least ONCE ANNUALLY (more frequently if your vehicle is exposed to harsh environments with a a lot of rain, dirt & dust, sand or sea air to remove debris and build-up).

Time For a Detail: When you notice an order filtering through your air vents.
ENGINE Detailing Services

ENGINE Detailing ServicesENGINE Detailing Services include the following:

  • Engine Degrease: Degrease engine bay. An engine degreaser is used for detailing the engine by removing stubborn dirt & grime from fluid containers and hoses.
  • Engine Detail: Degrease & clean/dress engine bay. The engine bay is first misted lightly with water, cleaned with an appropriate degreaser and then rinsed. When dry, a dressing is properly applied to plastic, silicone and rubber parts to protect from cracking. If your engine has chrome, the chrome is polished to bring back its shine. A thorough ENGINE DETAIL should be performed at least once annually for proper engine maintenance. This will help preserve your engine, as well as enhance, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle.


Our Engine Degrease services are just $19, and an Engine Detail starts at $39 (add $10 for Classic & Exotic Vehicles) as one of our à La Carte Services. Our PLATINUM Detail Package includes engine detailing services.

Schedule a Detailing! Our technician's expert knowledge of complete auto detailing will have your vehicle's exterior/interior looking showroom new in no time! Book your detail NOW!

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